Mt. Shasta Balloon Company
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Mt. Shasta Balloon Company--your passport to adventure in a most unique form of flight--hot air balloons!

Looking inside "DREAM CHASER"
Looking inside "DREAM CHASER" during inflation.

Your balloon adventure begins early in the morning and ends with a champagne celebration!

Float silently above the Shasta Valley, skimming the surface of a pond or the river. Hop over fences or soar thousands of feet in the air!
This is the experience awaiting you in "Dream Chaser" flown by your pilots, Tony and Claire Colburn. They are FAA certified pilots with over 20 years experience.

We fly all year, weather permitting.

Click on "Learn More About Hot Air Ballooning" below for pricing and directions to the launch site.

Learn More About Hot Air Ballooning

Ballooning with Mt. Shasta in the distance.
Early morning ballooning with Mt. Shasta as our backdrop!

For more information or to book a balloon ride call us toll free at: 1-888-938-3062 or e-mail us at: